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Earn $$$ Every 30 Days Trading Options!           
$ 4.95 ($ 4.95 inc Tax)  

Category: Option trading

Imagine receiving a steady check each month doing what you love…trading options! You’ll make real cash for things like dining out and vacations. And imagine never worrying again about any of your trades!  

“Forget Credit Spreads And Iron Condors!

This Incredible Options Strategy Is The Closest Thing I Have Found To A Guaranteed Money Making System!”


I can’t tell you how many new options traders I have met that are all excited to trade “high probability” credit spreads or iron condors.  They put on their positions and sit back and wait to collect their profits.  Invariably they lose most of their trading capital and then quit trading.


The dirty little secret of the “high probability” credit spreads and iron condors is that your very first trade could be that one chance in ten that loses you money.  And if you don’t have an adjustment strategy, you could get wiped out before you even get started.


You can’t enter an options position and then just sit back!  You have to be ready to adjust the position if it moves against you.  (Adjusting an options position involves buying or selling additional puts or calls to improve its risk/reward.)


Adjustments are the secret to profitable options tradingBut the average retail trader knows little or nothing about how to adjust an open option position.  This is why most new option traders lose money. 


I spent most of my early trading career studying option adjustments.  I learned what adjustments are possible and when and how to make them.  I learned some option strategies are more difficult and expensive to adjust than others.  “High probability” credit spreads and iron condors are the absolute worst strategies to adjust. 


After several years of intense options education, I hit the mother load!  I discovered a certain option strategy that delivers excellent results AND IS EASY AND INEXPENSIVE TO ADJUST.


The killer strategy I discovered is one that most professional options traders use to generate a regular income.  And making adjustments to this strategy is as easy as 1-2-3.  This incredible options strategy is the closest thing I have found to a guaranteed money making system!


Once I made my discovery, my trading account soared.  I never worried about another trade because I knew if any trade started to go against me, I could adjust my way back to profitability.


The beautiful thing about this system is that I rarely need to make an adjustment!  The core strategy works great all by itself when you follow my simple checklist to identify the best trading candidates.  But it’s comforting to know that if a trade does move against me, I can make a simple adjustment and get right back on the winning track!


Now you can share in my success!  My new e-book “Earn $$$ Every 30 Days Trading Options!” will teach you exactly how to use this killer strategy and how to make adjustments if needed.  This simple program is unlike any other…it works like clockwork


Imagine receiving a steady check each month doing what you love…trading options!  You’ll make real cash for things like dining out and vacations.  And imagine never worrying again about any of your trades!


It won’t take up much of your time.  Finding trades, placing trades, and adjusting trades will take you less than 5 hour per week.  You’ll have plenty of extra time to spend with family and friends. 


Here is what you need to succeed:


Ø      Experience buying and selling option spreads

Ø      An active option trading account that allows you to trade debit spreads

Ø      At least $1,500 trading capital

Ø      A positive mental attitude


I’m sure you have some questions.  Here are some questions I have answered for other interested traders…


Q:  “I don’t have a lot of money to trade with…how much do I need to use your system?”


A:  You can trade my system with as little as $1,500.  But I recommend a minimum starting balance of $3,000.  Keep in mind the more you have to trade the more you can make. 


Q:  “How much can I expect to make with your plan?” 


A:  It depends if you plan on compounding your profits or not.  I’ve averaged 15% to 20% per trade.  And I reinvest all my profits.  You may simply want to pull your profits out each month and enjoy a “second paycheck”.  Of course your results may differ from mine.


Q:  “How does your trading plan work?”


A:  My new e-book “Earn $$$ Every 30 Days Trading Options!” will explain the core option strategy in detail.  I also provide clear examples of how to adjust a position should it turn against you. 


Q:  “Do you show how much to place on each trade?”


A:  Absolutely!  I explain position sizing and money management in clear, easy-to-understand terms.


Q:  “Does your trading plan tell exactly when to enter and exit positions??


A:  You bet!  You will follow simple rules that tell you exactly when to enter, adjust, or exit a position.


Q:  “How much time will I spend on your trading plan?”


A:  You can plan on about 5 hours per week total for finding candidates, placing trades, and making any adjustments.


And there’s more…it doesn’t take long to get started.  You can be on your way using this unique strategy in as long as it takes you to read this remarkable e-book.


Take a look at what other traders have said about “Earn $$$ Every 30 Days Trading Options!”...


“Awesome system!  I have traded options for years and have NEVER seen anything like this!”

T.K.; Birmingham, MI


“I made money on my first three trades using your system!  And I didn’t need to make any adjustments.  Thanks!”

O.B.; Rockford, IL


I’ve put over 12 years of trading experience into this program.  And at only $4.95, this program is an unbeatable bargain!  It will pay for itself many, many times over.


Are ready to transform your trading?  Order “Earn $$$ Every 30 Days Trading Options!” right now!


P.S. The concepts in my e-book are unique and powerful.  They will elevate your trading to a whole new level.   


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