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The Complete Guide to Futures Trading           
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Category: Futures

The Complete Guide to Futures Trading: What You Need to Know about the Risks and Rewards by REFCO Private Client Group, Refco Private Group, John Wiley & Sons Inc  

What sets The Complete Guide to Futures Trading apart from competitors is lots of how-to advice (finding a broker, opening an account and making a trade) in addition to the expertise of

Table of Contents

Foreword ix
Preface xi
About the Contributors xiii
Chapter 1 Futures: The Investment for the Twenty-First Century 1
Historical Roots 2
What Futures Are 2
What Futures Are Not 4
Who Trades Futures? 9
Making Your Choice 11
Chapter 2 Becoming a Futures Trader 13
Trading Decision Issues 14
Fundamental Analysis Highlights 18
Technical Analysis Highlights 25
Putting It All Together 56
Chapter 3 Trading with a Broker as a Partner 59
What a Broker Can Offer 59
Options versus Futures 65
Market Should Fit Strategy 66
Paper Trading, Back-Testing 67
Chapter 4 Letting the Pros Trade Your Account 69
Why Managed Futures? 70
Where Do You Start? 74
Evaluating Trading Programs 76
Investing in Managed Futures 80
Chapter 5 Using an Auto-Executing Trading System 83
Why an Auto-Executing Trading System? 83
Look at Yourself First 85
What to Look for in a Trading System 86
Why "Successful" Systems May Fail 88
Summing up Systems 89
Chapter 6 Resources for the Self-Directed Trader 91
Brokerage Firm Choice 91
Trading Platform 93
Trading Support Tools 95
Match Resources to Your Needs 98
Chapter 7 Knowing Your Margins and Marching Orders 99
Trading on Margin 99
Order Types 101
Placing Orders 108
Tips about Trading Mechanics 110
Connectivity Issues and Questions 113
Chapter 8 Futures: Diverse Markets You Can Trade 115
Equity-Based Futures 117
Financial Instruments 122
Commodities 127
Chapter 9 Options on Futures: A Flexible Trading Tool 139
Issues to Consider When Investing in Futures Options 140
Mechanics of Futures Options 144
Basic Futures Options Strategies 151
Chapter 10 Forex: Another Opportunity for Traders 167
What Is the Forex Market? 167
Exchange Rates and Central Banks 171
The Trading Instrument 172
Spot Market versus Futures Market 176
Electronic Trading 177
Costs of Trading 178
Chapter 11 Deciding to Trade 181
The Money Factor 181
Time for Trading 183
Knowing the Market 183
Who Are You? 183
Your Trading Plan 184
Picking a Brokerage Firm 186
Chapter 12 Opening an Account 189
Opening Account Information 190
Risk Disclosures 190
Type of Account 192
Power of Attorney 193
Customer Identification (Patriot Act Requirements) 193
Single-Stock Futures 193
Account Funding Requirements 194
Margin Calls 194
Resolving Disputes 195
Chapter 13 The Tax Factor for Traders 197
Section 1256 Contracts 197
How to Report Gains or Losses 199
Special Considerations 201
Chapter 14 The Business of Futures: Who Does What 203
Regulatory Structure 203
Futures Exchanges 205
Clearinghouses 205
Futures Industry Professionals 207
Appendix A Domestic and International Futures Contract Volume 211
Appendix B Futures Contract Specifications 251
Appendix C Speculative Margins 269
Glossary 273
Index 289

Lind-Waldock, the leading futures brokerage.

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