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Private Real Estate Investment           
$ 6.22 ($ 6.22 inc Tax)  

Category: Real Estate

Private Real Estate Investment: Data Analysis and Decision Making by Brown, Roger J.  
Private Real Estate Investment
Data Analysis and Decision Making

Roger J. Brown, PhD

"Roger Brown provides the first real estate investment book to demonstrate the use of advanced tools and better than that, he provides many of these tools on his CD and outstanding website Roger Brown simplifies and applies tools that other more advanced disciplines have been utilizing for more data intensive analysis that is now possible for the first time in commercial real estate. Real estate decision analysis techniques have lagged for many years but no longer must this be the case."

Table of Contents

1 Why location matters : the bid rent surface and theory of rent determination
2 Land use regulation
3 The "rules of thumb" : threshold performance measures for real estate investment
4 Fundamental real estate analysis
5 Chance : risk in general
6 Uncertainty : risk in real estate
7 The tax deferred exchange
8 The management problem
9 The lender's dilemma
10 The private lender
11 Creative financing

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