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 Baccarat System
3 Dimmensional Baccarat
Description: 3-D Bac actually turns the tables on the casinos and gives the player a slight advantage over the house!
Category: Baccarat System
Price: $ 9.99

Power Play Baccarat Course
Description: The most advanced and consistently successful baccarat system ever!
Category: Gamblerskit
Price: $ 19.89

Tri-Power Baccarat Tri-Power Baccarat is a Fast Winning, High Performance Baccarat Strategy That Turns the Game of Baccarat Into a Quick and Reliably Source of Cash!$19.95
24 Karat Baccarat System Welcome to 24 KARAT BACCARAT the only system that beats both Zumma books. As I stated in my website I have programmed most Baccarat systems out there including one that cost me $5000 and that of course did not work eithe$9.99
3 Dimmensional Baccarat 3-D Bac actually turns the tables on the casinos and gives the player a slight advantage over the house! $9.99
Powerful Baccarat Attack Strategy Discover How the Uniquely Powerful Baccarat Attack Strategy Simply Demolishes Every Version of Baccarat Found in Any Casino, Including Those Offered by Online Casinos!$29.95
POWERPLAY BACCARAT_Level I PowerPlay Baccarat! PowerPlay Baccarat - the Ultimate High-Income Low-Risk Strategy!"$49.95
THE BACCARAT CODE Powerful Baccarat Strategy For Professional Players by Young K. Lim, Ph.D.$29.00

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